This link is currently down
thanks to the legal types at NBC,
who apparently think we're
trying to get away with something.
We're trying to figure out what?

a BRIT and a BOZO
together again!

a racer who's a dubious writer and a writer who's an even more dubious racer...
When:  Saturday, July 6th!

Where:  300 Jandus #109, Cary, IL, 60013

What time:  9am-2pm*

What's going on: Cars and Coffee
PLUS celebrity and semi-celebrity book signings!

Who is responsible?
Nobody in this bloody lot, that's for sure!
But Linda Daro of MiRPA will be handling
organizational, legal & bail-money arrangements.

get your reading glasses
Internationally famous and highly accomplished racing champion, rudely discarded and put-out-to-pasture Formula One TV commentator (don't you wish he'd been calling that cracking-good race in Austria last Sunday!), rollicking raconteur and more than passable author David "Hobbo" Hobbs will once again be joining forces with acclaimed bullshit artist, award-winning author/motorsports journalist and self-proclaimed "World's Fastest Novelist" (hey, it's a weak field) Burt "BS" Levy to tell tales, regale audiences, sign copies of their books, buttonhole passers-by who were really just on their way down the road for a six pack or a malted and try like hell to sell enough bloody copies to cover gas, meal and gin-and-tonic expenses.
It's rumored that Levy just MAY have a few sneak-preview copies of his greatly anticipated new radio-play audiobook version of his cult-classic novel, The Last Open Road (see launch poster for planned July 18-21 debut below)Believe it or not, David Hobbs plays one of the supporting roles. He's damn good in it, too!
So don't dare miss it.
Saturday, July 6th in Cary, Illinois.

I mean, what the heck else have you got to do?


*Hobbs will be late most likely


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