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Yep, the time has finally come! The new audiobook project gets a couple minor little tweaks today, gets a few more last-minute sponsors from last weekend at Indycar Road America added to the list and then, by tomorrow at the very latest, it's off to be made into USB Flash Drives and CD sets (both of which are already available for pre-order at:
It's pretty good, too, if I do say so myself.
Maybe even a little better than pretty good...

We'll be adding some new excerpts on You Tube later this week, but in the meantime, I want all of you who are not already on board as sponsors* to think back to all the many, may things in this life that you wish you had done but never quite got around to. The things that slipped away while you were busy with the mundane routines and inanities of everyday life. Or passed you by on the shoulder, at considerable speed and with mere inches to spare, while you were dawdling along in the daily grind of rush-hour traffic.
Where was that fellow going in such a frenzied, frantic hurry?

And don't you ever wish YOU had something that desperate beckoning from some unseen goal, destination or adventure up ahead?


Bottom line is that the door of opportunity is closing, and you're in danger of being left on the cold, dark side of it when the latch clicks home. We can still take on a few more sponsors for the new audiobook (actually, that's a lie: we can take on as many as we can get...but time is running out TODAY and the clock is ticking) or upgrades to dual sponsorship from those who are already sponsors of record on the last book in the series, The 200mph Steamroller Book III: Assault on Four O'Clock. Remember that a sponsorship (or upgrade) includes: a) your name, team name, club name, gang tag or business name read in the credits AND appearing in the color section of the NEW, unabridged edition of The Last Open Road debuting later this year plus b) a copy of the audiobook in either USB Flash Drive ($55 retail value) or CD set ($65 retail value) formats plus c) a signed & personalized copy of the exclusive, numbered, suede-bound/medallion-encrusted 25th Anniversary Collectors' Edition of The Last Open Road (a $100 value) and maybe even a sponsor/sucker T-shirt, too?

We also have two (2) of 19 Chapter sponsorships still available. These are 3 grand each and include all the crapola mentioned above PLUS "Chapter so-and-so brought to you by [imagine your company, brand, product or service here]" AND a 60-second video message/commercial on the DVD video disc (with CD sets) or in the video file (USB Flash Drives) that will accompany every copy. Such a deal. But time is drastically short. So if you have any interest, e-mail us at or call (708) 383-7203. We'll be out at the studio putting the final touches on today, so do leave a message. We WILL get back to you!

*If you're poor, destitute, in the middle of racing season and in need of an engine rebuild or simply financially embarrassed, no sweat. I don't take money from widows or orphans, either (unless they're maybe RICH widows and orphans). But the rest of you shouldn't even be reading fact, you should be clicking through to the sponsorship sign-up page RIGHT NOW!

As long as you're out there and still paying attention (at least I hope you're paying attention, anyway), here's a peek at the final artwork for the CD set wallet front cover & spine:

And here's a look at the disc artwork:

There will be a hole in the middle...I promise!

New e-blast coming next week with mucho new racing exploits, escapades and embarrassments, new trivia and lots of other crap. But no audiobook sponsorship hustling, badgering or supplications, I promise. That train will have left the station. And YOU should be on it! But, hey, I've done all I can. Pledge Week will be OVER, and we'll return you to our regular programming, drivel and nonsense. 

Catch the latest poop & pictures, the Jay Leno interview, Last Open Road swag & highly inappropriate attire from Finzio's Store and the lurid & occasionally embarrassing "ride with Burt" in-car racing videos on the hopefully now fully operational website at: