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Latest News from Burt "BS" Levy & Think fast Ink
( where's the new book already?)

Yeah, I should probably be chained to my computer finishing up the new book. But sometimes an opportunity comes along that you just can't miss. Like great people, all kinds of track time and some really neat stuff to drive at Brian Redman's relaxed & entertaining Targa 66 event at Palm Beach International Raceway Feb. 22-23. That's me above in Mitch Eitel's absolute jewel of a 1959 OSCA Formula Junior. Wonderful car! And that's me below, something like an hour later, in the thoroughly up-to-the-minute Dyson Racing Lola/Caterham track-day berserker. So from less than 100hp, open wheels, drum brakes and sliding around on tall, skinny tires to 300hp, 1275 lbs./990 lbs. of downforce, a clutchless, no-lift, 6-speed paddle-shifter, 0-60 in 2.9 secs., 165mph top speed and brakes that'll suck the eyeballs right out of your skull.

Can you say "Time Warp?" How about "WOW?"

Full report in my next column in Vintage Motorsport magazine!

I guess I must've done OK in the Caterham
because Chris Dyson Cat 2 at PB
was still smiling afterwards.

Come Sunday I hawked and signed a few books at the Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance. See, it was a business trip, after all! And, no, that's not me holding the copy of A Potside Companion.
Anyhow, now I'm back home in Chicago (where it snowed a foot last week...that's my neighbor trying to catch a little sun while shoveling to the right!) and I'll be staying right here with my nose buried in my computer until the new book is done. Honest I will. Best guess is I'll have the basic draft done in time to make the Mitty Challenge at Road Atlanta April 26-28, and then the editing and polishing process begins. We'll hopefully be launching the second (and last) Steamroller novel at Road America in July. Which kind of fits, since that's where all the rest of the books debuted.

NEWS FLASH! I will be sneaking out to schmooze and hawk some books at the annual Ferrari Art, Literature and Model Expo 9am-2pm on Sat., March 23rd at the excellent Continental Autosport store at 420 E. Ogden Ave., Hinsdale, IL, 60521

Don't Forget our piggy banks!

The perfect gift for the well-heeled gearhead.
Just $75.oo and an e-mailed picture of YOUR chosen car gets you a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind racing or restoration project piggy bank done by gifted character artist (and also our friend) Carolyn Johnson. Dad's Day is coming!


ONE LAST THING: Make sure to tell all your friends & fellow gearheads (especially the folks living overseas, as postage has gone absolutely bananas!) that the first three books in the "Buddy Palumbo" series are now available as e-book downloads at a paltry $9.99 each from Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook. Plus the e-versions ofMONTEZUMA'S FERRARI and THE FABULOUS TRASHWAGON are newly revised, edited, improved and even expanded editions. Such a deal!

If you've never read the utterly hilarious 
anthology, click the link below to read
one of the stories, "The Lift from Hell",
in its entirety. It's been posted complete
on my friend Peter Bourassa's useful and
well-produced MMR website.

He'll be hearing from our lawyers shortly.



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