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We're trying to figure out what?

AT LAST!!!!!!

Yep, it's true...FINALLY! About three hours ago I put the very last punctuation mark at the end of the very last sentence of the very last paragraph of the very last chapter of my new book!


Sure I've got a couple little tweaks to do and then comes the editing & correcting process. But, thanks to the hard work of my four wonderful editors who've been going through this monster marathon right along with me, THE 200MPH STEAMROLLER BOOK II, THE ITALIAN JOB will be going off to the printer by the 10th 0f July.

Or, in other words, too damn late to make our long-promised launch at THE HAWK at Road America July 16-18....


I have a sneaky plan!

We're going to print up 200 Print-On-Demand PREVIEW EDITIONS (soft cover & without the color insert section) and we WILL have those on hand at Road America!!!

Only there's a catch (what else?). In deference to our sponsors and advertisers, you will not be able to buy yourself a copy of the purposely rare and potentially collectible Preview Edition. Or at least not by itself.

Here's the deal. At Road America you can either:

a) order one of the "regular," hardback first editions @ 35 bucks each (we'll eat the freight since we promised to have them there) and we'll ship one out to you as soon as we have them. Figure towards the end of August when Carol & I get back from Monterey, or

b) fork over 50 bucks and you get deal (a) above PLUS one of the purposely rare and potentially collectible PREVIEW EDITIONS as well to carry back to your motel or motor home and start reading immediately!

Now you tell me: how many authors or publishers have figured out how to sell the same book twice???

And now I'm off to bike class, followed by a nice dinner and a well-deserved glass or six of wine....

OH, and I'm gonna give myself a day off to go teach racecar driving to the local Alfa and Austin-Healey clubs at their combined track-day event at Blackhawk Farms this Thursday, July 2nd. Drop by and flog your car around (or just bench race & chew the fat) if you can make it!

We will have one of our regularly-scheduled e-blast updates on the rest of my so-called life shortly!


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