This link is currently down
thanks to the legal types at NBC,
who apparently think we're
trying to get away with something.
We're trying to figure out what?

OK, so this could easily be a donation solicitation from a lefty tree-hugger bunch about how corporate greed (which, by the way, provides most of the damn paychecks in this country) is a terrible, immoral thing and should be stopped before fracking causes the crust of the earth to collapse like a gigantic freaking eggshell (which it may). Or, conversely, it might be a far-right donation solicitation about how registering guns (or, more correctly, gun owners) is going to lead to a legion of lefty-inspired Darth Vader storm troopers descending from a fleet of ecologically correct, electrically driven, cow fart-powered helium balloons to take everybody's assault rifles, melt them down and turn them into plowshares. Which reminds me: does anybody know what one share of an effing plow is worth?
Is it any wonder that most of us are sick of both sides?
But in reality it is neither. And the only contribution we're looking for is 99 freaking cents!
And it's not even a contribution!

No, friends and neighbors. take my word as a used-car salesman

(see below),

that our special, 99-cent deal on e-book copies of The Last Open Road will end this coming Thursday, June 26th, at 12 midnightPacific Standard Time. And we're really trying to sell some books and rack up some numbers here (our manager has promised me an all-expense-paid trip to Riker's Island if we top our projection) so PUH-LEEZE get everybody you know to buy copies of Burt's famous first book. Even the blind folks and old, senile folks and the ones who don't even speak English! Hell, it's less than you give the guy on the freeway off-ramp who fought in Afghanistan. Links are: 

Oh, and I'm gonna be at Mid-Ohio next weekend (June 27-29) hawking books, logo clothing, art prints, subscriptions to VINTAGE MOTORSPORT magazine and our fabulous race- or restoration-project piggy banks in the small but marginally exclusive vendor-tent enclave at the entrance to the paddock garage area during lunchtime Fri-Sat-Sun. I'll also be covering the event for VM, mouthing off now and then on the PA and co-driving George Wright's nifty Datsun Z-car in the Enduro unless he thinks better of it before it's too late.

See you there!

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