Big Tuesday next week (one week from today if you're counting, as I had BETTER be!) as it is not only Valentines' Day--a day dedicated to all the florists, jewelers and greeting-card makers and purveyors throughout this great but often confusing & bewildering country of ours==but also wife Carol's birthday (none of yer beeswax which one!) and our 49th wedding anniversary! No shit. If we can survive one more year without yrs. trly. giving her reasons or excuses for Justifiable Homicide, we'll make the magic 50. Hard to believe when nobody on either side of the aisle at our wedding thought it would take. Or last.
Go figure...

Speaking of Carol & I, my recent eyeball (actually eyeLID) operation to try and curtail sporadic but often floodlike tearing lefty me looking like I'd gone several poorly defended rounds against this guy (trivia bonus if you know who he was and what movie he was in):

Anyhow, the operation was supposed to reduce the tearing problem and, as a bonus side effect, make me look far younger and handsomer than ever before. The upstate vote is still out on both counts (don't hold your breath) but the immediate upshot was that lots of folks thought I'd "crossed the line" one too many times and that Carol had come after me with the business end of a ball-peen hammer. Or maybe a fence post?

See "battered husband" mugshot below (I would be the 'mug' in the mugshot):

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(Insert insane "BWAHHH-HAA-HAA" cackle here).
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