Lots of you have been kind enough to ask how we're doing, so here's the latest poop:

1) Carol's Covid19 test came back NEGATIVE! This morning, in fact. Go figure, since we'd been doing our usual past-few-months at-home routine (including exercising together, eating together, talking, discussing, occasionally arguing and even screaming at each other and cuddling while watching late-night TV (sappy old B&W movies most likely) and didn't start our HOME QUARANTINE procedures (read: "I wear masks, gloves & sleep in the effing basement") until AFTER my test came back positive a week ago. So we've still got our fingers and toes crossed.

2) I've had some minor symptoms (mild headaches & stomach upset) but nothing worse as of yet and no fever. Consider myself very, VERY lucky, as this is a nasty, nasty bug and we know several folks who have gotten terribly sick and even died from it. You probably do, too. I go back for my first re-test next Monday and it's my understanding you need two negative tests within a 24-hour period to be cleared for a return to the real world. Such as it is these days.

We'll keep you posted. And thanks for caring. And for those of you who don't, I can only say:

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