Finally got my test results back this morning (from the test that was taken a full week ago, BTW) and it appears that I'm NEGATIVE now and return to the world of the living. Just to make double-sure, I'm scheduled to have a second, drive-up test done tomorrow morning at a nearby hospital, and I've been assured that they'll have the results back in 24-48 hours. At which point I'll be allowed out of the basement (see illustration below) and can return to real life again. Or the pandemic version of real life, anyway.

To be honest, I feel a little guilty about all the sympathy, encouragement and kind inquiries I've received about my encounter with the dreaded Covid19. I know my extremely mild symptoms and no fever at all are NOT typical, and we (like you) have friends and family members who have had terrible experiences with this horrible virus. A few have even died. So I consider myself unbelievably--and most likely undeservedly--lucky in that regard. Also lucky to have so many great friends out there who actually care.
Thanks so much!

Been doing a lot of writing and a lot of bike riding (have put over 1000 miles on my bike since this pandemic thing started up in earnest) and I'm fortunate to have not one but two excellent bike trails nearby. Adding to the growing list of boy-scout nature wonders I've seen are this deer chewing leaves nonchalantly just a foot off the path, and note her fawn lurking in the shadows:

Can I get an "aawwwwwww?"
Also saw (but took a VERY crappy picture of) a Great Blue Heron. Which is one big-ass bird:

Also note the painted turtle sunning itself on the log. And I should probably get a merit badge for shoo-ing a misguided garter snake off the path before somebody ran over him. Or her. Whatever.

Assuming my back-up test also comes back negative, I'll be up at Road America next weekend, covering the big WeatherTech International Challenge vintage bash for VINTAGEMOTORSPORT magazine (now part of the RACER MEDIA & MARKETING to subscribe), judging in the racecar concours on Friday evening (which has wisely been moved to the main straightaway of the racetrack, go to the ROAD AMERICA website for details) and hawking books with my far-more-accomplished pal, David Hobbs.

We may be setting up outside and will definitely be practicing mask-wearing and social distancing. And so should you. But do stop by and say "Hi." And for gosh sakes BUY something while you're at it.

Have you got YOUR copy???

Also plan to be up at Road America the following weekend for the big IMSA race. Should be exciting! And please note that a LOT of pro-race winners at Road America have enjoyed the undeniable mojo enhancement of THE LAST OPEN ROAD decals, which are not only famous for bringing fabulous good fortune, but are also rumored to increase testicular size for even female race drivers. So why take a chance, eh?

Both of these pictures were taken in victory lane! Really!

Miscellaneous Crapola:

This is the T-shirt Adam and Tara got me for Fathers' Day. It was late, of course. But you can't argue with the sentiment:

Also, one of my online friends sent me the classified page below from AutoWeek, October 11, 1970, because one of the three (???) Causey P6s was offered up for sale. As most of you know, I co-drove my friend Mike Kaske's Porsche-powered example several times and enjoyed it immensely. We did pretty good with it, too. But look at all the other bargains! $6500 for a well-prepped. full-race 289 Cobra? $7500 for a 427. A REAL one! But who knew, right?

Me in the Causey P6 (below):
Pretty car, eh?

More coming next week, including a return of 


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