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"OH, F**K!" DEPARTMENT (part II):

So I called my insurance company, Progressive, and they were most helpful (as they have always been). I was advised that I might want to place the claim directly with Waste Management's insurer, which I did. They took 2 days to get back to me and then asked that I get an estimate from a body shop. So I went to one nearby (picked them off my cell phone, actually, based on their location) and they were very nice and advised that it might wind up as a total because of the age/mileage of the car and the repair procedures involved. But they did write me an estimate, which came to damn near $15,000 dollars. Yeah, it seemed like a lot to me, too. But there was something about cutting into (or cutting off?) the top in order to properly replace one of the damaged inner panels. At which point Waste Management's insurer, Gallagher & Basset, decided they wanted to have one of their own, hired-gun/subcontractor adjusters look it over. He came by two days later, didn't even announce he was here, ran his eyeballs over it and reported back to home base. I got a call from Waste Management's insurer late that afternoon, and she happily informed me that they were ready to cut me a check that very afternoon to cover the damages. A check in the amount of some 8400 smackeroos.
Now I don't know much about either bodywork or banking, but I do know there's a sizable difference between 15 grand and 8.4 grand. Hey, my mommy drowned all the dumb ones. So I asked if they knew a body shop that could repair the damage (properly) for that number. She responded that they really didn't make a habit of recommending body shops...
As you might imagine, I made my displeasure and consternation known, and I'm currently waiting for them to get back to me. Again. And by now it's been damn near two weeks since the incident and my patience and forbearance are wearing thin.

Tune in next time for another thrilling episode of "The Odyssey's Odyssey."

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