Yeah, I'm bragging. Again. Sorry. But we had an unbelievably great (not to mention $ucce$$ful) 2-week Book Tour Road Trip out to the east coast, where Carol & I set up, tore down, covered countless miles, schmoozed, sold about a kazillion softback "Preview II" copies of the new Steamroller book, took orders for hardback First Editions (now promised for the end of the month, but we have a REALLY fat file of orders already, so if you're not in the queue, figure early-to-mid November delivery) and met an awful lot of really nice people who seem to like & enjoy my stuff.
Thanks to all of you.
We also visited famous mansions, stayed in one, visited a presidential gravesite, got lost at least once, saw some wonderful cars and thrilling races and witnessed a large and apparently friendly social squadron of ducks marching into a Mexican restaurant in Saratoga Springs, NY.
Full report coming shortly. With amusing pictures.
Only now I gotta pack because we're leaving in about a half hour for ROAD AMERICA to hawk books alongside pal, hero, fellow author, considerably more accomplished racer and nonpareil TV motorsports commentator DAVID HOBBS. We'll be ensconced once again at our usual spot in the Road America Paddock Shop from 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday, so do stop by to say hello and spend some money.

I'll also be covering the ELVF weekend for the magazine (VINTAGE MOTORSPORT, of course!), so if you see anything noteworthy or want to attempt to bribe me to say nice things about your car or your driving skills, well, let me just say that the magazine-writing business doesn't pay all that well...
I'll also be hawking subscriptions to the magazine, including a BLOCKBUSTER TWOFER DISCOUNT DEAL on DUAL SUBS to VINTAGE MOTORSPORT and companion publication RACER. It's a great way to keep up with what's happening on-track and in the shops and garages from Vintage Geezers on Skinny Tires to the Pro Ranks, including the hottest new cars and young, comingman heroes who don't even look like they're shaving yet.

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