OK, so it's not the end of the world. That's not due until next week. Or is it the week after? But I am pretty bummed out. Went to see the Orthopedic Doc today (or actually, his assistant, Emily) in hopes that he (or she) would agree that I was making absolutely brilliant progress vis-a-vis my partially torn knee ligaments and that it would be just fine for me to head up to Road America this coming weekend to hawk books (especially the Preview Editions of the new one) in company with my famous compadre David Hobbs, drop in and do the same at Jill Swanson's Lemons of Love charity BBQ at the Road America center Friday evening, sell lots of books, have lots of fun, meet lotsa friends and have a whale of a good time. I mean, my leg is feeling MUCH better, right?

Not to mention that I'm sick of hobbling around in this effing leg brace like Wallace Beery as the definitive Long John Silver in MGM's classic 1934 version of Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Treasure Island." See pic below.

"AArrrhhhhh, Jim Boy..."
I feel just about that crabby, too.
Just ask Carol.
But instead of getting the All Clear from the sawbones (or the sawbones' assistant, anyway), I got the long-playing edition of the head-shaking act. "You really don't want to do that," I was advised, "because if you go the wrong way on it, you could really mess up your knee and need surgery and yadda-yadda-yadda and..."
But of course by then I'd stopped listening. In fact, I was down to mostly fuming. And simmering. And getting ready to blow. But, as son Adam always says: "Hey...what're ya gonna do???"
And of course he's right.
The spoilsport punk...
Bottom line is that Carol & I will NOT be at the big Road America IMSA show this coming weekend (grumble, curse, grumble) and that's a shame not just for the filthy lucre/coin of the realm involved, but also because we were looking forward to seeing our longtime friend John Doonan again. He's become QUITE the busy guy these days in his semi-new position as President of IMSA.
Now John and I go back a looooong time, and I can recall racing in the same Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs races with his daddy, John Sr., back when little John Jr. was in knee pants. Or maybe even a baby buggy? Or swaddling clothes? But the point is that John caught the bug early and stuck with it, and advanced through the ranks as a PR guy/organizer/face man for pro race teams and then whole series and eventually took over as head guy for the entire, innovative and highly successful Mazda motor sports program for North America. And then he got picked off the short list to take the reins (and catch all the flack, which likewise comes with the territory) as president of IMSA.
John is as nice, honest, straightforward, friendly, organized, enthusiastic, humble, grateful, focused and energetic a human being as I have ever met in my life, and we are SO proud of him. And, somewhere up there above the clouds, his dad is looking down and absolutely beaming. I know it.
He also (BTW) served as one of the Mystery Celebrity Guest Voices on the audiobook version of The Last Open Road, and his budding-actor son Alex did a wonderful job as the voice of "Young Buddy" on the audio.
So we won't get to see John (or any of our other friends or favorite racers) at Road America this weekend. But we'll be watching on TV and there in spirit. And I've made a deal with Julie at The RA Paddock Shop whereby she will have about a dozen signed copies of the Preview Edition of the new book (which, BTW, looks like it will be a sellout long before the hardback First Editions arrive at the end of the month). So do drop by and pick one up if you're eager to get started...

They told me not to lift anything heavy...
I'll make this short and to the point. If you haven't ordered your copy of the new book (Preview Edition, First Edition or both...not to mention our fabulous audiobook) you're starting to piss me off. Not only DON'T I get to go to Road America this weekend, but then I find out you've been waffling and/or holding out on me. Maybe you think you have BETTER things to do with your money? Like buy food or pay the rent or that life-saving operation your dog needs. But I have it on very good authority that your dog is FAKING IT, and that all the little sumbitch wants is another handful of Bacon Bits. You'll see him perk up right away...
So please clink on the link below and BUY SOMETHING already (or drop by The Paddock Shop this weekend and do the same). I understand that Julie has created and ordered an all-new and totally tasteful THE LAST OPEN ROAD shirt--all on her own--that you surely need one of. Or two, in case you soil the first one. Which would be just like you, wouldn't it?

Or click the button below to buy something from us. BONUS TRIVIA: The purposely vague, low-res and out-of-focus dashboard below would be found in what make/model of car???


Have to brag (so what's new?) but, in this case, I'm bragging on our much-beloved, casting-director daughter Tara (married, lo, these many years, to our equally much-beloved screenwriter son, Adam), on account of SHE GOT NOMINATED FOR A FREAKING EMMY for her work on Chuck Lorre's better-than-excellent Netflix series "The Kominsky Method." The show stars Michael Douglas as a semi-washed-up, never-quite-grasped-the-gold-ring actor running an acting studio in Hollywood and his best, enduring and possibly only friend, an aging, wary, funny, street-wise and quirky (but highly successful) producer played by Alan Arkin. And those guys can ACT! The show is intelligent, insightful, funny, touching, outrageous at times and incredibly well written. Guest stars have included Kathleen Turner, Ann Margaret, Paul Reiser, Jane Seymour, Danny DeVito, Don Lemon and more. Carol and I HIGHLY recommend it.
And, like I said, we are SO proud of Tara and Adam. They didn't know anybody or have any "Industry Ins" when they decided to pursue their careers out in La-La Land, but they sure have made a wonderful job of it. They're our best friends, too...
I'm done.
So go to the button above and BUY something already...
I'm getting impatient!


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