And how many times have I heard THAT particular phrase (usually hollered or bellowed through a dreamy, desperate or despondant haze of alcohol) at near-track watering holes from Siebkens at Road America to Buck's (I mean the OLD Buck's) at Mid-Ohio to The Seneca Lodge and The Glen Club at Watkins Glen?
And how much grief and trouble has that kind of behavior gotten me into?
You don't want to know...
And I sure as hell don't want to tell you.

But the point here is that, assuming I keep firing on all cylinders and don't run out of fuel, the new book (see image below of me triumphantly holding it aloft) will be heading off to the printer(s) on Tuesday, July 6th. Woo-Hoo!
Which means there is STILL time to be a sponsor and get your name in the damn thing and the fabulous cornocopia of goodies that come with it. It's 250 bucks, and you'll spend more on that for a nice dinner with drinks and wine at a fancy downtown restaurant (that probably won't even buy a clutch job on a VW Beetle these days...hell, it's just fopur bolts!). But time's too short for the usual process, so email me/us at thinkfast@mindspring.com and one of our insolent, uncaring and poorly trained Customer Service Professionals (who will probably speak with a distinctly Hindu-esque accent, even though it's the middle of the fricking night over there) will be glad to lighten your wallet...I mean, "help you out."
We also have space for maybe two more ads in the color section. So if you have a business, product or service that could use a shot in the arm that lasts for freaking ever, email as above.

That's all I have time for now. Gotta get back to the writing, re-writing, proofing, production work, laying out etc. etc. Lotsa balls in the air and plates spinning on sticks right now...

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