Okay, I'm ANGRY! Hell, "angry" doesn't near cover it. Throw in dismayed, disappointed, distraught, disgusted, disheartened and discombobulated. And those are just the "Ds". I know I get a smattering of flack whenever I delve into politics or social issues, but, hey, we had a purposely instigated and egged-on armed mob break into the damn Capitol with the all-too-apparent intent of taking hostage and even assassinating duly-elected congresspeople whom they believe are somehow illegitimate and are moreover ruining "their" country. Makes me effing FURIOUS! And it should make you furious, too, no matter what shade of red, white or blue you happen to be.
Almost worse yet, where the F**K were the damn police, armed military and National Guard troops who SHOULD have been there? Particularly considering the none-too-hidden plans, preparations and intent that were all over the freaking internet in the buildup to this debacle? I remember when I marched on Washington back in April of 1965 (yeah, I was one of "those" folks), I recall a large, armed and intimidating police/military presence. As there has been for, I believe, every major demonstration before or since. So why were they sitting on their effing hands this time? Somebody--or make that somebodies--either through action or planned and agreed-upon inaction, have a lot to answer for, as without their complicity, things never could have escalated to the level they did.
No way.
Now I have friends and relatives on the right--some even the far right--and although I may question the wisdom of their ideology, agenda or motives, I DO believe in our democratic system and the often ugly, cumbersome, inelegant and regularly infuriating process whereby duly elected representatives of every mainstream, special interest and cesspool-backwater faction of our society pull, tug, tear, grapple and chew their way towards...well, towards the next day, the next issue, the next challenge and the next thing that needs/doesn't need to get done. Depends on whom you ask, right?
But, like Churchill said: "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried from time to time."
And to my friends/relatives on the far right: Jeez, don't you recognize the echoes of Hitler in the mid-1930s? Same playbook, same "talking points," same outraged fear and loathing of other ethnic groups and ideologies.

All I can say is that, like many of you, this thing has put me on edge, filled me with a withering anger and tied my mind and gut in knots. Made me heartsick and also made it impossible to concentrate on anything else. Sure, the next administration is coming shortly, and with a majority in both houses thanks, in great measure, to the current President. Not sure that's entirely a great thing, checks-and-balances wise, but there's the regularly recurring possibility of a re-adjustment in two years' time. What I worry about is the renegade, know-nothing (and damn proud of it!) mob Trump created. They're still out there, flying their fantasies across the sky like stars-and-bars paper kites. Oh, they don't look like a particularly formidable fighting force based on the images from this past Wednesday (unless you favor fat, undisciplined, middle-aged white ignoramuses who are better suited to a bar fight than a coordinated revolution) but it doesn't take any special talent or skill to throw a bomb or pull a trigger. All you need is a weapon and the will and desire to use it.

Mind you, I understand their fear of other ethnic groups. Particularly black folks. Sure, there are a lot of black street criminals. Including a bunch of violent, totally antisocial hop-heads. But if you look at their families (or lack thereof) and socio-economic/educational strata, and then compare it to white kids from similar situations, I think things likely level out a lot. And then you look at the black folks who have persevered, excelled and achieved--like in entertainment, the arts, sports and politics--especially in light of their background, opportunities and available family/social-group assists...well, if I was a fat, stupid, ill-educated and under-achieving white person, I'd be worried, too.
Google tells me black people make up roughly 13% of the population.
How about in the NFL?
Jazz music?
I could go on...

That's enough for now, but had to get this out of my head, heart and gut. And hope you feel the same.

All the best going forward, and let's hope we can keep our eyes focused on the future and all the things we need, plan and hope to get done, both as individuals and as a society.

You can take my soapbox now, Sonny.
I'm done.

Back to old car shit...
Old Car Shit Department (as promised at the end of rant above):
Most of us still get old-fashioned, print-on-paper car magazines, even though some of the hoary old standbys, like AutoWeek (I sold my first story to AutoWeek over forty years ago!) have gone to dust or digital (or both). But I still enjoy holding a magazine in my hands and leafing through the pages to see what piques my interest (translation: taking your laptop into the crapper for a necessary sit-down just isn't the same thing). Vintage Motorsport and sister-pub RACER are still going strong (thank goodness!) although slimmed a bit by the current coronavirus mess and its effect on both events and advertisers. They do have an excellent "TwoFer" deal on dual subscriptions, which you can find here;

Also want to plug the online RACER "Daily Bulletin" as a great way to keep abreast of everything that's happening, here and abroad, in the greater motorsports world.
And while I'm pitching and plugging, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention
AutoMobilia, which is an old-fashioned, top-quality print magazine covering all sorts of car-guy books, artwork, memorabilia and Lord only knows what else. Eclectic in the extreme, it's authoritative and interesting, and a great place to find stuff for your study or den walls, book shelves, man cave or garage mahal. Here's a wee sample:

Better news yet, they have such misguided belief in me and my supposed following that they're offering a FREE (yep, you read that right...FREE!) digital thumb-through copy of the latest issue. Just click the link below and peruse to your heart's content.

And then, if you like it (you very likely will) buy yourself a subscription. Trust me: it's a perfect publication for potty-time perusal!

And now, while your checkbook is out:


Okay, so we've had these suckers on sale for quite some time, but I've heard from experts in the ad-messaging biz that if you don't repeat things incessantly (in fact, if you don't beat people over the head with your message until they're damn near senseless), they forget or simply drift away like a 2-year-old watching a butterfly. So, one more time: we have these fine printed T-shirts (plus our famous embroidered logo apparel) available on the website, each of which carries and interesting, informative, amusing or thought-provoking message. And only 20 bucks each! Such a deal. So buy some, already...



OK, so it's been a long time. But you're not going anywhere these days anyway, right? In any case, last Trivia Challenge concerned the vehicle pictured below:

Got a lot of answers on this one, but they forked off in two different directions. Most (me, included) thought this was a Baker Electric, as seen by me in Jay Leno's famous garage. Jay even took me for a silent little spin (across the garage floor and back) and I remember it had a sort-of tiller instead of a steering wheel and little bud vases by the windows. It looked like a horse carriage without the horse, and Jay told me it was intended to become the "Doctors' Wives' Car" and that there were once more than 100 charging stations in and around New York City way back in the very early 1900's.
Take THAT, Elon Musk!
But a lot of people seemed to think this was a "Detroit Electric" of about the same vintage. So I'm asking all you know-it-all types out there: Is this a Baker Electric or a Detroit Electric?
Answers will NOT be graded according to sheer ream thickness and volume of words (did you hear that, Bob Allen?).
Everybody loves the movies and everybody (at least in my particular audience) loves cars, and what a fertile field for wonderful trivia questions (translation: utterly useless information) where those two worlds intersect. So have at it:

1) Who died going over a cliff in a speeding Aston Martin? Where? In what movie?

2) What movie featured a yellow Allard J2X AND a red Woodill Wildfire?

3) In the car-crazy Elvis Presley epic Spinout, Elvis is supposed to race a white 427 Cobra while co-star Shelley Fabares wheels a Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet, and both cars manage, in separate incidents, to get squeezed off an under-construction one-lane bridge and wind up, half-submerged, in a creek. But even in Hollywood, they don't go writing off 427 Cobras or Ferrari Cabriolets by half-submerging them. So less valuable, "stunt double" cars were brought in to do the, umm, "wet work."
So tell us all: what were the two cars that actually wound up in the drink?

4) And, while you're at it, what was the unusual thing about the test day Elvis in the 427 Cobra and another character in an early-issue Elva-McClaren Can-Am-style car did to get ready for the big race?

5) On a roll now: what car did Elvis actually wind up driving in the big race after a comedy-sidekick/doofus character "stole" his ride in the 427 Cobra? Hint:


Catch the latest poop & pictures, the Jay Leno interview, Last Open Road swag & highly inappropriate attire from Finzio's Store and the lurid & occasionally embarrassing "ride with Burt" in-car racing videos on the hopefully now fully operational website at: