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April 26-28: 

Burt will be schmoozing, signing books, hustling sponsorships & mooching rides at the HSR Walter Mitty Challenge at Road Atlanta.

May 2: 

Instructing at VSCDA race school at Gingerman. Will stick around for the weekend’s racing if I can find a gullible sucker with a racecar to share

May 11:

Lou's party. If you don't know what it is, you don't know what it is.

May 14:

Interview with Mark Greene on CARS YEAH 

May 17-19:

Signing books, pimping audiobook pre-orders & sucking up to potential sponsors at the SVRA spring race at Road America.

May 26:

On Chicago's magnificent lakefront: Weather co-operating, Carol and I (and some 30,000 other avid cyclists) will once again be doing a 30-mile loop of Chicago's scenic Lake Shore Drive at the charity Bike The Drive event in Chicago. Then we go out for breakfast and watch the Indy 500 on the Big Screen. Then home to watch the Monaco GP on tape.

May 31-June 2:

Believe it or not, Burt is Honorary Chairman & Guest Speaker at the Saturday-night banquet (they were obviously hard up for talent) at the Champagne British Car Festival in Bloomington, IL. Here’s the link:

June 14-16:

The usual tomfoolery & hucksterism at the VSCDA Fathers’ Day event at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

June 21-23: 

Signing books, hawking audiobook pre-orders & shamelessly soliciting last-minute sponsorships at our usual spot in the beautiful, spacious, and moreover air-conditioned Paddock Shop at Road America during their Indycar weekend.

June 29-30:

Possible ride-mooch appearance at Lemons Gingerman if I can locate some suckers with a car.

July 18-21: 


More to come….