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JUNE 4-6:

The SCCA June Sprints at Road America. Signing in the RA Paddock Shop during lunchtime and between on-track practice, qualifying & race groups.

JUNE 18-20:

INDYCAR WEEKEND at ROAD AMERICA. Same deal as above. Likely co-signing with friend/fellow-conspirator David Hobbs, who still has some of his own books to flog. Hate how he elbows in on my turf and customers, but he is SUCH an amusing & entertaining fellow! Still miss him on the F1 broadcasts!
Possible side-trip detour to the VSCDA's Annual Fathers' Day Classic at Blackhawk Farms if I can work out the logistics. We'll see...

JUNE 25-27:

SVRA Vintage Races at MID-OHIO (tentative, depending on if I've finished the new book or not!)


MILLERS at MILWAUKEE (tentative, see above)


Featured Marque this year is Cadillac, but other Features and Special Classes include British Sports Cars, American Musclecars, American Sports Cars, Buicks, Coachbuilt Classics, Fabulous Fins, Competition Classics, Kickin' Brass, The American Motorcycle and more. For more information, follow this link:
CONCOURSATCOPSHAHOLM or call (574) 532-8352

JULY 15-18:

NEW BOOK (hopefully) LAUNCHES at the WEATHERTECH INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE VINTAGE EXTRAVAGANZA at ROAD AMERICA! Usual spot in the Paddock Shop. Probably with David Hobbs again for company and moral support. Hope to also be driving a bit in a Crossle sports/racer and judging in the Friday night Racecar Concours in town. HUGE event. Big Fun. Don't miss it!

JULY 17-19:

As spelled out (at incredible length) above at Road America. Will also be judging in the racecar concours in town Friday night. Always a good time! And I AM open to bribes, just in case you have a car entered and a bare spot on your wall or mantle...

JULY 24-25:

Hawking books at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh. What a FABULOUS event! I usually have to skip it because it's usually the same damn weekend as the WIC at Road America, but this year the scheduling gods have been kind. Planning to have my book/audiobook pushcart (including the new book, as described above) set up in the British Car Show section on Saturday and at the entrance to the Racing Paddock on Sunday.


IMSA Races at Road America. Usual place in The Paddock Shop. Hobbs will likely be joining me. Iffy on the hardback of the new book. We'll see.

AUGUST 15-18:

VSCDA Vintage Races at Grattan, MI: (tentative...depends on weather, exhaustion and whether I get something fun to drive!). Book hawking will probably be involved.


Selling, signing and schmoozing in the SCCA Chicago Region car display/bivouac at The Geneva Concours in Geneva, IL. May very likely (finally!) have the hardcover first editions of the new book to show off and sell.

AUGUST 27-29:

World Challenge Races at Road America. Flogging the new book (and the others) out of the likely heat (or bad weather) inside The Paddock Shop.

SEPT 3-6:

Hopefully in my usual (and highly privileged) spot on the deck by the Drivers' Lounge during the always-wonderful Lime Rock Historic Festival.

SEPT 10-12:

Flogging books and hopefully driving something at the SVRA's iconic Watkins Glen International "Speedtour." Will also be set up to hawk books and hustle passers-by at the street festival in town on Friday afternoon/evening.

SEPT 17-19:

The usual at the VSCDA/HSR (both advertisers in the new book, BTW, as are IMSA and SVRA) Fall Vintage Festival at Road America.

SEPT 21-23:

(midweek-tentative): Old time airport races at Put-In Bay in Lake Erie.

*SEPT 24-26:

(tentative): SVRA races at VIR (Virginia International Raceway).

*OCT 1-3:

(tentative): Inaugural vintage races/concours at M1 Concourse, Dearborn, MI. OR SCCA Runoffs at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We'll see on this one...

OCT 15-17:

VSCDA "Blackhawktoberfest" at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Rockton, IL OR Chattanooga Car Festival/through-the-streets races, Chattanooga, TN

*OCT 23-24:

(tentative): Greenwich Concours, Greenwich, CT.

OCT 28-31:

HSR Daytona Classic Races, Daytona International Speedway.

NOV 5-7:

5-7: SVRA Championships, Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

NOV 11-13:

IMSA Petit Le Mans, Road Atlanta, GA.

NOV 14:

Collapse in a heap...

More to come….