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200 MPH Steamroller/Book 2: The Italian Job
review by J. Wally Nesbitt

Burt Levy's The Last Open Road and Montezuma's Ferrari
by Ray Lozano III
Auto Revista

“The Last Open Road” —
Literary Porn for Vintage Sports Car Enthusiasts

The Last Open Road by B.S. Levy

Reviewed by Daniel Thompson

"It was an ad that I had seen taped to numerous bathroom stalls
at numerous tracks throughout the Midwest for years,
and it was for the novel The Last Open Road by Burt Levy....

words: Bryan Joslin

The Buddy Palumbo Chronicles: The Last Open Road;
Montezuma's Ferrari; The Fabulous Trashwagon

A Review by Pete Vack

Tam's Old Race Car Site

"The Last Open Road" 

"Montezuma's Ferrari"
"The Fabulous Trashwagon" 
"The Potside Companion"

My Word's

a weekly column by
Marylaine Block

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"Why, of course. It's the bloody cars that win races," he said matter-of-factly.
The drivers can only lose them."

On Holy Ground...

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