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Book Reviews of The Last Open Road

Burt "B.S." Levy has graced the book reading world with what has to be one of the absolutely best written novels of sports car racing ever to be published. This is no exaggeration. For anyone with a love of sports cars and racing this new book, The Last Open Road, is a looking-glass back to 1952 where fact and fiction are beautifully intertwined to form a hilarious story of greasy fingernails, hot oil, fast laps, cross-country ventures, all-night wrenching marathons and first loves.

Every word rings true in this adventure as 19-year-old Buddy Palumbo of Passaic, New Jersey deals with the trials and tribulations of growing up while at the same time falling in love with sports cars and a young lady all at the same time. The colors, sunds, sights and smells that B.S. Levy paints in the more than 500 pages of The Last Open Road are as vivid as reality. The dates, roads, cars, race action and event venues are all based on fact, and Levy has done his homework well. The fiction is also very close to the truth, and every bump on the path of life that Buddy encounters will remind you of something from your past. When you are not shaking your head, "yes, Yes, YES!", you will be laughing out loud as one adventure leads to another in this rolling tale of a young man's trials and misfires.

Even with over 500 pages of rapid-fire reading you will find it hard to put down this humorous, true-to-life and sometimes tragic work of wonder. Levy can be proud of every word as he brings numerous characters to life (with all the major racing drivers playing themselves) and the year 1952 back again for us to enjoy.

Copies of The Last Open Road by B.S. Levy will be available beginning with the Chicago Historic Races in July, and will be on sale at all major East Coast vintage events from that point on. Advance orders may be placed by sending a check for $25 plus $5 shipping/handling to Think Fast Ink, 1010 Lake Street, Suite 103, Oak Park, IL 60301.

Do yourself (and Burt!) a big favor and buy this book. Then sit down to enjoy some wonderful reading that will leave you feeling very satisfied.

(Rated R for rough language. Natch!)

Dewey Dellinger, Book Reviewer
SVRA's The Line magazine
, July, 1994