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Received the following e-mail from SVRA owner Tony Parella just a few minutes ago:

Mr. Levy,
In reflecting on our public exchange over the last several days I think it is important that we give more structure to our business relationship. I want to first say that you will  be welcomed at SVRA events as a journalist and a vendor. Know that I will see to it that you receive the press credentials you need to cover our races and associated activities. Be assured you will have the same level of access of any member of the media in developing your stories and capturing images. Also, you are welcome to purchase vendor space to market your wares at our events.
 I want to be clear we are not at war. I was taught to always take the high road in conflicts and will I put any personal feelings aside and get back to the business of building the great sport of vintage racing. I hope you can see fit to work in an equally constructive fashion with the same objective in mind.
Tony Parella
President and CEO
1598 Hart Street, Suite 100
Southlake, TX  76092

I was more than happy to respond, only a few moments later:

My hand is extended in both agreement and friendship. Not to mention relief. There has been an awful lot of comment about this on the web--too much--and may I quote from a response e-mail I just sent to a 911 racer friend who suggested that VM boycott your events going forward:
Not a good idea. I have no desire whatsoever to become a cause celebre or go to war over this. The SVRA still has a lot of the plum events and a LOT of the staff are both friends of mine and do a great job. Their bigger events deserve to be covered because they're a vital and important part of the sport. 
Let's put this behind us and learn from it. We both have the best interest of the sport at heart, and I believe, rightly or wrongly, that my input and experience may be useful going forward. If you recall the first time we met, I dropped by your garage at Mid-Ohio shortly after you bought the SVRA and gave you my two cents' worth about a variety of things. It was free advice, worth what you paid for it and you were and are free to listen to it, argue with it or ignore it as you please.
All the very best to you, and let's hope that this is the beginning of something worthwhile rather than the end of something disruptive and distasteful.

I'd like to thank all the folks who supported me--and those who disagreed or argued with me, since they at least cared enough to have an opinion--but I mean it sincerely when I say let's put this behind us and see what we can all do, together, to make Vintage Racing even better going forward for fans and participants alike.

And now I'm gonna go watch my taped coverage of the SCCA World Challenge at Mid Ohio and the IMSA Tudor Championship at Road America and see how my friends are doing. BTW, the new book launch at Autobooks/Aerobooks went wonderfully yesterday (Jay Leno dropped by, see below)

and Tuesday I'm off to Monterey for more book crapola & magazine coverage. See you there?

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