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trying to get away with something.
We're trying to figure out what?

OK, so just when you've finished proofreading your new e-blast for the umpty-umpth time and after you've made absolutely, positively SURE that all the damn sentences make sense and that all the blessed spelling and punctuation are correct and that everything is dead, solidPERFECT, why that's when you reach boldly out to hit the "SEND" button and settle back for a nice, tall, self-congratulatory glass of something you probably really shouldn't be drinking anyway....

And that's about when your own, personal copy comes barging in on the old e-mail list (and of course you just can't WAIT to see it!) and so you open it right away and run your eyes down the page (if it's one of my e-blasts, that takes a bit of time) and THAT'S when all the little glitches, gremlins, outright mistakes and spelling errors come launching out at you like a bunch of leering pirates with cutlasses clenched in their teeth!

Although, to be honest, it's kind of hard to leer with a cutlass in your teeth. They tend to fall out and go clattering to the floor any time you attempt a really good leer. But I fear I'm getting off topic here.
The point is that it really pisses you off.
Honest it does.
In fact, it kept me up half the night worrying over it.
So I decided I'm a-gonna put it right (please see below):

Ok, so I blather on and on about how much my book fan, longtime racing pal, championship-winning pro hotshoe and Cadillac factory-team driver Johnny  O'Connell (generically known as simply "Johnny O") and I are such good buddies...and then I leave the last "L" off the end of his last name. Damn.
And that's AFTER my sharp-eyed friend Tom Stahler pointed out that I'd misspelled Hurley Haywood's name in the "Millers at Milwaukee" report in my last e-blast.
Looks like I'm becoming a serial offender.
And spell check ain't worth shit when it comes to proper names, either....

Don't really know how this one slipped by, but in the section about Saturday night in Elkhart Lake, where I refer to our beloved VINTAGE MOTORSPORT boss, publisher & my good friend Mike Silverman as (and I quote) "our peerless, gregarious, intermittently generous and sporadically clueless leader Mike Silverman," when what I REALLY meant to say was: "our peerless, gregarious, intermittently generous and eminently gracious and overall glorious leader Mike Silverman."
Have no idea how that one slipped through....

This was probably the worst of it, as it was purely grammatical in nature (hey, sometimes I get all "tensed" up, you know?) and moreover the gaffe appeared in our new MOVIE TRIVIA QUESTION, which made it quite a bit more difficult to answer since the question itself was wrong.
Instead of asking "Who went drinking every night at 'The Moonraker'?", the question should have read:
"Who went drinking every night at 'Moonrakers.'"

I expect your answers shortly, and remember to include what the character indicated did for a living and the name of the wonderful and accomplioshed actor playing said character.
Ta-ta until next time,

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