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OK, you're sick of hearing from me, BUT...
1) I'll be signing books at the VINTAGE MOTORSPORT booth in Gasoline Alley (pretty cool, eh?) at the SVRA's watershed Brickyard Invitational event (translation: entries got turned away) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway June 6-8. I'll also have signed copies (not by me, thank goodness) of my longtime hero and new friend, designated pilot and car buddy (translation: I think I'm the sidekick here) John Morton's excellent insider memoir "Inside Shelby American." Not to mention copies of his successful novelist, storm anchor & longtime companion Sylvia Wilkinson's "The Stainless Steel Carrot," which is about John's early, about-to-take off (or so he thought) racing career and about as great an examination of the highs, lows, exhultations and depressions of trying to become a successful pro racing driver as you will find anywhere. If you're not captivated, moved & entertained, I'll give your effing money back. Maybe.
2) Ziva Allen, wife or the boss and web-content head of  the new, excellent and burgeoning "Auto Track Day Monthly" website (aimed at tyro track-day types and obviously in search of older followers with fewer teeth and hair) did a damn near embarrassing (go ahead, laugh...I can take it) story on me and may so-called career in their June 1 issue. Here's the link if you somehow haven't gotten enough of me already: Auto Track Day. My story click is in the lower LH corner in case you're effing blind.
See, here's the deal. In a desperate, even semi-pathetic mid-life-crisis effort to find new, young, hopefully hot & succulent and hooked-into-the-internet readers, Burt and his self-run, peanut-stand publishing company THINK FAST INK, will be embarking on a ONE WEEK ONLY, JUNE 19-26 e-book web promotion in conjunction with BOOKBUB, AMAZON.COM and BARNES & NOBLE NOOK. The bottom line is that for those seven days, e-book copies of Burt's seminal, cult-classic novel THE LAST OPEN ROAD will be on sale for LESS THAN A BUCK!!!
OK, it's not much less than a buck (99 cents U$D, in fact) but it's a hell of a deal for those without big rigs, pneumatic, fake-bosomy girlfriends and a secure future (wonder what one of those looks like?). Also a particularly good deal for our fans overseas, where the effing freight is half again (or more) as much as the damn books.

Catch the latest poop & pictures, the Jay Leno interview, Last Open Road swag & highly inappropriate attire from Finzio's Store and the lurid & occasionally embarrassing "ride with Burt" in-car racing videos on the hopefully now fully operational website at: