A Wee Update:
Since several of you (I'd like to say "thousands," but that would be a bit of an exaggeration) have been kind enough to ask how I'm feeling, I thought I'd pass along that I still feel fine with no fever & no symptoms except for a little dingy-ness in my head. Think of a mild hangover (something I've rarely had...I mean the "mild" part). Hope this is as bad as it gets. Carol and I biked 18 miles yesterday (gloves & masks) and I did 12 the day before, but sleeping in the basement until Carol's test results come back (Tuesday, maybe?) is a real pain. But also a real break for her, since this weekend has been a Major Motor Racing Extravaganza what with F1 in Austria, Indycars AND two NASCAR stock-car races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IMSA Prototypes and Sports Cars well into the night last night at Daytona (congratulations to my friends at Team Mazda, Corvette Racing--first victory for the new C8!--and AVS Lexus...now let's see what happens with the old B.O.P.*) and, if you looked for it, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and Modifieds on the three-eighths mile dirt oval at Cedar Lake, WI. And you know what? The 30-lap WoO Sprint Car race was the best entertainment value of the bunch!
Jeez, what the heck's happening to me???
*Balance Of Performance is a kind of geeky, data-generated hobbling, boosting and handicapping system IMSA and the rest of the Endurance Racing World use to "equalize performance" among different kinds of cars in the same class. Personally, I kind of hate it (I've heard it called "Bullshit Operational Politics") and I wonder why ANY automobile manufaturer would want to be involved when the whole concept of "our car is the best" becomes a moot point from the get-go.
But I must say it works pretty well and the way the pencil-neck geeks at the computer screens have equalized cars as diverse as the BMW, Porsche and Corvette is frankly amazing. That said, I think the BoP should be adjusted at three (or even four?) pre-determined interval dates during the racing season. If you break a normal (non-Covid19) season up into  three equal segments (think of an old "Three Musketeers" candy bar), it would:
1) Allow somebody who's come up with a genuine Better Mousetrap to enjoy that hard-won advantage for a couple of races before the hammer comes down.
2) Make sand-bagging a dubious endeavor as you could only effect a third of the season.
You can take my soapbox now... 

Flora and Fauna Notes: My dear friend Jenni responded to the Indigo Bunting sighting with an email about how she once saw a cardinal, a bluebird and a goldfinch all sharing the same small pine tree in her back yard. That's like a Feathered Trifecta, right?

Old photos found, fumed & fawned over while Carol was cleaning the basement:

Obviously I was thinking of a Rodeo career...

Hey, when you're hot...you're hot!

My brother Maury and I ready to hunt grizzly bears & skin renegade Indians at Starved Rock State Park.

Cub Scout Burt ready to help an old crippled lady across the street...whether she wants it or not! And when it comes to "Be Prepared," please note the shoelace on my right shoe. And, yes, I know that "Be Prepared" was the BOY SCOUT (not the Cub Scout) motto. So don't bother me with any stupid, nit-picky emails. Don't you people have anything better to do?

Well, I mean, who the hell knows? For sure Indycar at Road America is out for next weekend. Of all the people I definitely DO NOT want to infect (except for Carol, but that horse may have already left the barn) my book-signing buddy David Hobbs and my friend Julie and her wonderful staff at the Road America Paddock Shop are up at the top of the list. Not to mention all my book-fan friends and all the IndyCar racers and teams who have been so supportive of the books.
So I'll be right here at home, hopefully no longer cloistered in the basement (although the big TV and the shower down there are awfully good!), watching them race the snot out of each other on my home (and very favorite) racetrack. Sure, I love driving V.I.R. and Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta (and Mosport and Sears Point and Mid Ohio...I could go on) but Road America is home to me. Plus the way the track has constantly upgraded and improved its facilities and fan experience should be a message to other tracks about what can and should be done.
You can take my soapbox again, kid.
Bottom line is that we'll just have to see about the big Vintage race at RA July 23-26 and the IMSA endurance race there a week later.
I'll keep you posted.
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